Sunshine in Stockholm

Over the past two weeks, we have done a lot of exploring around the city since the weather has been getting nicer. Last Friday, we celebrated a friend’s birthday by cooking at her host family’s house and making some fun cocktails before baking some Daim, banana bread. The next morning, we headed to Skansen with her host siblings who gave us a very thorough tour of the park. We were even able to take the ferry which was extremely windy but gave us a whole view of Stockholm. It was an unusually warm day so we were able to sit on the grass with a view of the city during lunch. After that, I headed back home to make gnocchi from scratch for dinner which was absolutely amazing.

The next week saw the flowers blooming and the weather really changing. The spring sun is really coming out which was nice since I could finally leave my winter jacket in my closet and use my lighter jacket. On this past Friday, after an afternoon of painting Dala horses, we walked through Kungsträgården with the cherry blossoms and went shopping in Gamla Stan. After a quick stop at ICA, we headed to the waterfront on Kungsholmen and grilled dinner and watched the sunset. It was such a fun afternoon and really a highlight of my trip.

The next morning I went on a picnic and played mini-golf with a friend before walking around half of Södermalm. Back at my apartment, we cooked carbonara for dinner together and had a movie night. In the morning, we headed to Drottningsholm Castle to walk the grounds and have some fika at the cafe there. For dinner, we headed to Su Tea & Dim Sum which is 100% on my list of must sees in Stockholm. It was this cute little shop in the city that had beautifully handwritten menus and absolutely exquisite food. It was some of the best dim sum I have ever had.

From a birthday celebration to grilling on the pier to exploring new restaurants, it has been a fun few weeks.

Published by Lis

I am a sophomore at UMass Amherst and am spending the spring studying abroad in Sweden.

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